Candidate Debate

United States House of Representatives
Ohio 8th Congressional District

Thursday, October 25, 2018 | 6:30 p.m. | Springfield City Hall

Moderated by: Warren R. Copeland, Mayor, City of Springfield, Ohio

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Dr. Vanessa Enoch, Democrat                            Warren Davidson, Republican

Indivisible Springfield wanted very much to host a genuine debate between Clark County’s candidates for the U.S. Congress. We have reached out to Congressman Warren Davidson 7 times since August 24, inviting him to a debate in Springfield, with multiple dates to choose from. We sent him a letter delivered via email, U.S. mail and hand delivered to Republican Headquarters, along with 2 tweets and 2 Facebook messages over a three-week period.

We received ZERO responses from Davidson and his office. Dr. Enoch was not only kind enough to reply; she agreed to participate.

Join us as we hear Dr. Enoch’s vision for Ohio and our nation. We still hope that our current congressman will care enough to show up.

Sponsored by Indivisible Springfield Ohio |
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