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Resisting the Trump agenda in OH8 Congressional District


Trump Tax Scam

What the Trump Tax Scam would do

We know this plan is a scam. By now it should come as no surprise that Trump can’t keep the promises he’s making to the middle class. And for the most part, the Trump Tax Scam doesn’t even try to keep his promises.

The Trump Tax Scam would give massive tax cuts to the wealthy. It’s designed that way: it lowers the tax rate for wealthy individuals and phases out or outright repeals other provisions, like the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. That only benefits the wealthy because those taxes only affect the wealthy—and there’s nothing that benefits the middle class that isn’t wiped out by some other change the Tax Scam makes.
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Stay Vigilant on Health Care

We scored a major victory with the failure of the TrumpCare vote(s) in the Senate. What comes next is playing out on three different fronts:

  • Talks continue among Republicans and the White House to draft another bill in secret.
  • The White House is openly sabotaging the Affordable Care Act.
  • Other Republicans are talking about a bipartisan approach. We support a bipartisan approach as long as it does no harm: it should cover no fewer people than current law, it can’t reduce coverage quality or protections, and it should make no cuts to Medicaid.
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Protecting our democracy

The attacks on our democracy under Donald Trump should worry you no matter what your political party. Donald Trump has repeatedly acted as if the rules—and the law—don’t apply to him. That’s why Indivisible has been calling for impeachment hearings for violations already committed, including obstruction of justice—Trump fired James Comey, the man charged with investigating his political campaign’s links to Russia.

Trump’s attempts to influence the Michael Flynn investigation and his subsequent firing of James Comey are a grave concern for people who care about the integrity of democratic institutions. But there is an even greater risk we must protect against: the firing of special counsel of Robert Mueller. Read More…

Trump’s Billionaire Infrastructure Scam

Everyone would support public investment that creates millions of new jobs by rebuilding crumbling highways, bridges, and schools—but that is not Trump’s plan. We must defeat any bill that is a massive giveaway to Wall Street billionaires or that sells off our roads and bridges to Trump’s cronies and allows them to impose expensive new tolls on working families. Learn more about Trump’s scam of a plan and what you can do to stop it. Read more…


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