January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Indivisible Springfield Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Teena Siebold, Vice President; Brad Minerd, Treasurer; Board Members Tracy Roberts, Melinda Barnhardt, and Heather Addy; members Charlie Bush, Jane Cape, Cheri Crothers, Cynthia Dunlevy, Larry Halpern, Steve Harbaugh, Lou Ann Horstman, Hank Jud, Gayle Keen, Jan Kushmaul, and Brad Lightle.


  • Welcome: Teena Siebold opened the meeting.
  • Vote on ByLaw Amendments by Voice Vote: All passed unanimously. Details, next page.
  • Leadership Election: The following were elected by a vote of yes or no on the entire slate, which was announced earlier via email in accordance with ByLaws (15 yes, 1 no): President, Teena Siebold; Vice President, Tracy Roberts; Secretary, Melinda Barnhardt; Treasurer, Brad Minerd; Board Members, Heather Addy, Pamela Dixon (now President Emerita), Brad Lightle, and Karen Muska. We plan to honor Pam with a plaque formalizing her Emerita status in the future.
  • Call to Action – Government Shutdown: Call Senator Brown to encourage his opposition to “the Wall”; contact Senator Portman to remind him that he voted for the bill the House passed (that McConnell will not let come to the floor); and pressure Representative Davidson, whose Facebook page has been out of bounds in this regard. Consider a sitdown at Davidson’s office. When phone lines don’t work, use Resistbot: Text “resist” to 50409, which asks your name and email, etc., then creates a message it allows you to preview and edit before it sends it to your representatives, and follows up with reports on whether and when it got through. Melinda Barnhardt will check with Second Harvest on shutdown hardship/needs. We can help IHN, work the Soup Kitchen. Springfield Children’s Rescue is a place to donate (B. Lightle).
  • Statehouse Bills to Watch: Brad reported not many now. Somewhat good news: to become Speaker, Larry Householder traded some benefits to Dems (e.g., Democratic and Republican Co-Chairs of Ed. Comm.). Kasich and DeWine both signed an executive order: No discrim vs. LGBT state employees.
  • Ohio Resistance Guide: Melinda Barnhardt reported on this (see details at http://www.innovationohio.org/ohio-resistance-guide/). Discussion included plans for an upcoming visit to the Statehouse, as well as a Feb/March training program on the Guide and Statehouse.
  • Local Election Help: Mayor Copeland needs help with collecting signatures on petitions (Jan. 20-Feb. 3, for Feb. 6 deadline). Austin Smith will send out information. Other local positions open include city and area schoolboards (Brad is running for city), city commissioner (Kevin O’Neill is running again), and township positions. Need to create an election guide and be strong in support of progressive candidates!
  • Announcements: Local Women’s Marches, Jan. 19; NOW convention, Feb. 9 (C. Dunlevy); Coretta Scott King Nonviolence Training, Feb. 8 & 15, $30 (C. Dunlevy); Co. Dems Volunteer Appreciation Party, Jan. 24, UAW, 6:30 p.m.; Clark Dems dinner, Apr. 4, Springfield Courtyard Marriott, 6:30 p.m., Sherod Brown Keynote, $40 early reg., $50 later. Co. Dems envision a different party this year, more diverse, inclusive! We’ll receive an outdoor PA system, courtesy T. Kushmaul.
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 19, 2019Amendment 1: Article I: Name & Purpose, Section C: Purpose:
    Current Language: The purpose of this club shall be
    Proposed Language: This club shall be dedicated to resisting the Trump agenda by engaging in grassroots activism. We are a grassroots movement following the Indivisible Guide in order to resist racism, authoritarianism, and corruption in government.
    Reasoning: At the time of the by-laws adoption the purpose clause was mistakenly left blank. This is to rectify that mistake.

LouAnn Horstman moved in favor, Tracy Roberts seconded. Passed unanimously.

Amendment 2: Article V: Meetings, Section C: Quorum:
Current Language: A quorum shall consist of at least two officers and ten members.
Proposed Language: A quorum shall consist of at least One Officer, One Director and ten members.
Reasoning: This change allows business to be conducted with less than two officers present.

Charlie Bush moved in favor, Cheri Crothers seconded. Passed unanimously.

Amendment 3: Article VII: Board of Directors, Section B: Membership.
Current Language: This committee shall consist of the officers and three General Members of the club elected in the same manner as the Executive Committee.
Proposed Language:  The Board of Directors shall consist of the Elected Officers and Three (3) to Five (5) Directors. Directors shall be elected in the same manner as the Elected Officers.
Reasoning:  This change will allow flexibility in the number of the board positions based on necessity and the interest of the membership.

Brad Minerd moved in favor, Melinda Barnhardt seconded. Passed unanimously.

Amendment 4: Article IX: Amendments, Section A: Selection:
Current Language: These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the club membership.
Proposed Language: These By-laws may be amended by a majority of those members present, if thirty (30) days notice has been given to the membership. Notice shall be given by electronic means (Email, Facebook group, etc).
Reasoning: This change will allow for flexibility in making changes to the bylaws, since membership attendance may not reach the two-thirds requirement.

Charlie Bush moved in favor, Cynthia Dunlevy seconded. Passed unanimously.

Amendment 5:
Article IX: Amendments, Section B: Notice:
Current Language:
 All members shall receive advance notice of the proposed amendment at least five days before the meeting via electronic mail.
Proposed Language: Repealed
Reasoning: This repeal is being proposed due to the proposed changes to Section A of this Article.

Tracy Roberts moved in favor, LouAnn Horstman seconded. Passed unanimously.