Kudos to the Fair Districts team for their victory


It’s been a long, harrowing year since Donald Trump took office in January 2017. But thanks to the relentless work of a dedicated core of our members and their allies across the state, we have another victory to celebrate in our battle to defeat the Trump agenda.

After years of advocacy and months of gathering signatures for the Fair Districts ballot initiative that would make the process for drawing Ohio’s congressional map more fair and less partisan, Ohioans across the state have finally convinced the General Assembly that inaction on gerrymandering is unacceptable.

On May 8th, an astounding 74.85% of Ohio voters voted yes on Issue 1, which meets the three standards the Fair Districts = Fair Elections coalition demanded from any congressional redistricting reform proposal.

Final version meets Fair District demands

The final version of the amendment was a compromise among Republicans, Democrats and the Fair Districts = Fair Elections coalition, which collected more than two-thirds of the signatures needed to put an issue on the ballot.

The approved amendment creates a bipartisan process that strongly encourages both major parties to cooperate and agree on a congressional map that better represents the views of Ohioans. For more information on the amendment, go to FairDistrictsOhio.org

Thanks to those who helped make it happen

We want to thank the tireless group of volunteers that helped make this possible. If you’ve attended any political or cultural event this year, you’ve probably seen them gathering signatures to get the Fair Districts amendment on the ballot in Ohio.

Many thanks to all to worked on this issue. We especially want to thank Kathy Swisher for her leadership, along with Lucia Livingston, Sheila Drennen, Karen Deibel, Kathy Estep, Catherine Peyroux, Jane Cape, Ruth Fischer. Kathy Brugler, Katherine Eckstrand, Linda Himes, and the folks from Greene County Awake and Watching: Susan, Cindy, Margaret, Carolyn, Katie, and Dorothy.

If you know of anyone we’ve missed, please let us know.

Many thanks to this group and their allies across the state. With the successful passage of this amendment, we can once again feel that our vote counts.

And with your help as a member of Indivisible Springfield, we can look forward to many such victories in the year to come.

thank you