April 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Pam Dixon, Brad Minerd, Teena Siebold, Tracy Roberts, Melinda Barnhardt, Hank Jud, Kathy Swisher, Kathy Estep, Cynthia Dunlevy, Peggy Hanna, and Issue 1 volunteer

Discussion of Agenda Items

Welcome: Brad opened the meeting and gave a reminder of our team norms.

Reschedule of Indivisible Springfield Retreat: Consensus was that a handout publicizing the retreat should be made available electronically, for outreach in print form or via email.

Recap and Discussion of Indivisible Springfield Meet the Candidates Night: Feedback was extremely good, though in the future times should be enforced (even if not quite so brutally as at the Troy event) and the program should be limited to an hour; otherwise people begin shifting in their seats. A half hour could then be added for mingling with the candidates. Kathy Swisher reported marked improvement on the part of some candidates in Troy. Assessment of the candidates was thus considered too inconclusive to make an endorsement at this point.

Mueller Investigation/Rapid Response Team: We need to clarify the trigger events (e.g., pardoning could hinder the investigation, as could other actions). Without clarity, we could end up with five people at City Hall. If/when we do show up there, we could do something theatrical, such as holding up an enlarged version of the President’s and MOCs’ oath of office and signing them. In the interim, it would be good to register our planned Rapid Response Event on National Indivisible’s site, where a number of area events are already listed.

Indivisible Springfield Election Guide Needs Volunteers: For the Primary Election, a link on our website will take users to the Board of Elections ballot information. For the Fall Election, we will create an Election Guide, possibly using some of the format of other organizations, such as the Dayton League of Women Voters, but basing the guide on values from our retreat, as well as on our assessment of candidates’ answers to questions. Melinda volunteered to help Cindy work on the Fall Election Guide.

Nomination and Vote for a New Board Member: Kathy Estep nominated Kathy Swisher, and Melinda Barnhardt seconded the nomination. Kathy Swisher was elected unanimously.

Peggy Hanna: Petition to help end mass incarceration for the November ballot. Action items. A proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution will reduce felony drug possession charges from 4th and 5th felony to a misdemeanor. Note that this involves possession, not to drug sales or a crime. Also note that a constitutional amendment is difficult to change (vs. a law). Money saved will go to mitigating the opioid crisis. Peggy is circulating petitions.

Calls to Action:
Re Issue 1 passage, Kathy Swisher reported receiving a limited number of signs. Besides signs, other approaches could include an Op Ed for the News Sun, possible recruitment of student help at Antioch College or Wittenberg, and postcard parties (with postcards addressed to signers of the petitions).

For Gun Reform, nothing now; we need to flip Congress.

Re: Voter Registration, we’ll focus on this in time for November.

General Discussion: We had “covered it.” Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m. sharp.

Next Meeting Date:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 | 6:30-8 p.m. | First United Church of Christ, 2000 E. High St., Springfield.

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