November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Indivisible Springfield Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Brad Minerd, Treasurer; Board Members Tracy Roberts, Melinda Barnhardt, and Heather Addy; members Steve Harbaugh, Hank Jud, Mike and Karen Muska, Jane Cape, Jan and Tom Kushmaul, Brad Lightle, Nancy Sturgeon, and Lauren Crane. Seth Evans also attended.


  • Welcome: Brad opened the meeting and requested that Melinda take minutes.
  • Midterm Election Recap: Wide-ranging discussion included the following: Local disappointment but optimism over national picture. Sherrod would be good for president, but then what of Ohio? Clark Co. candidates were centrist; should they be more progressive? Sherrod emphasized the dignity of work; we need to do the same, and talk to folks. Clark Co. Dems increased turnout by 26%, but Republicans increased this by 12% and they outnumber. We picked up some seats in State House; can gain slowly. But lost a Senate seat. Won 2 OH Supreme Court seats (people may have actually looked at policy; we need to get back to policy, not what’s bad about opponents). Need earlier ID and training of candidates, more electronic communication, more emphasis on every election, and candidates for every county office, to build trust for higher offices; at this level, it’s all about relationships. Republicans target money for certain seats, with gradual overall gain. We need to do this. Clark Co. Dem leadership is much younger now; means more social media, reason to hope.
  • Update on State House: The “Heartbeat Bill” passed the House and will go to the Senate, where the president, a Kasich ally, will drag his feet. It will pass but not until the last minute, so will not reach the governor until about the second week in Dec., which will be the start of a 10-day period by which he has to act — hopefully making it too late to get legislators back to override his veto before Christmas. The bill could be resubmitted, but this would depend on some Republicans who are term-limited. It could also go to the U.S Supreme Court. (Pray for RBG!)
  • Indivisible Guide 2.0: Melinda reported that Part One, Indivisible on Offense, addresses the role constituents can play in influencing the new, Democratic House. Part Two, Indivisible States: Empowering the States to Resist the Trump Agenda, is critical for states such as Ohio, where Republicans control both chambers of the legislature and the governorship. The online version includes links to state-specific information helpful in defining strategy and tactics. (A link for both parts of the guide will be posted on our Facebook page.)
  • Indivisible Springfield Officer Nominations: Brad announced that elections will be held in January. President Pam Dixon has often been unable to be present because of evening work hours, and Secretary Cindy Proctor Young is stepping aside. Thus, the Leadership Team has prepared the following slate of candidates: for president, Teena Siebold; vice president, Tracy Roberts; treasurer, Brad Minerd; secretary, Melinda Barnhardt; board members, Heather Addy, Pam Dixon, and Brad Lightle.
  • General Discussion: Future events will include a holiday social around the second week of Dec., and likely a summer trip to Washington, D.C. Additional discussion covered the Clark Co. Democratic Party in greater depth and the outlook for eliminating gerrymandering.