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Demand FAIR redistricting reform

State Senator Matt Huffman has introduced a resolution that would initiate the the redrawing of Ohio’s congressional maps.

The resolution calls for the creation of a redistricting commission that would include mostly politicians from the majority party! Ohioans want fair districts, not districts that favor one political party over another.

This resolution would place gerrymandering squarely in the Ohio Constitution and could completely cut out the people and the minority party from the process. Some lawmakers want to move this resolution quickly and call it redistricting “reform.” They’re hoping you won’t notice the details.

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Show them you’re paying attention, and demand FAIR redistricting reform!
Polling shows that the vast majority of Ohioans are like you, and they want their legislators to protect the environment and ensure clean energy for the future.

If our legislators aren’t beholden to voters through fair, representative districts, then they’re going to listen to their party leaders and donors instead.

The OEC is part of the Fair Districts Ohio coalition, leading on a volunteer-driven effort to bring redistricting reform to the voters this November. Sen. Huffman’s bill is an attempt to preempt that process, and put the legislature’s preferred reform method on the ballot this May. This is why they’re working so quickly, and why we need to work quickly to stop them.

Don’t wait! Demand fair districts and representative government today.

Call your lawmaker now and let them know you oppose S.J.R. 5

Who to call:

Sen. Matt Huffman: 614.466.7584
Rep. Kirk Schuring: 614.752.2438
Senate President Larry Obhof: 614.466.7505
House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger: 614.466.3506
Representative J. Kyle Koehler: 614.466.2038

Here’s a sample script:

I’m an Ohio voter, and I care about redistricting reform. The proposal revealed this week is worse than Ohio’s current redistricting process, makes gerrymandering part of Ohio’s constitution and is unlikely to result in fair districts, which should be the ultimate goal.

Any congressional redistricting reform must be bipartisan and keep counties and communities whole. S.J.R 5 simply falls short.

Ohio is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. Nearly 200,000 people have signed the Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio proposal, and I expect our lawmakers to move forward with a congressional redistricting effort that respects Ohioans’ wishes. Please stand up for me and my vote.

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Thank you for standing up for fair redistricting!

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