TrumpCare Week

Actions for the weeks of June 19th and June 26th

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Medicaid Monday Phasing out the Medicaid expansion that occurred under the ACA has been a major sticking point in current negotiations. To settle the issue, Sen. Portman has proposed that the expansion should still be phases out, but on a slower timetable (over 7 years instead of 3). Visit Sen. Portman’s office to tell him to vote NO on any bill that eliminates Medicaid funding in order to give the wealthiest Americans a huge tax cut. If you can’t visit the office, call ALL of his district offices and make your voice heard.
Transparent Tuesday A small working group of Republican men have been meeting in secret to craft the Senate’s ACA replacement. By bypassing the committee process (a HUGE departure from normal protocol), they are attempting to ram their bill through without open hearings, debate, or input from experts. They are even refusing to release the text of the bill to the public! Email Sen. Portman to let him know that a piece of legislation that impacts so many Americans should NOT be deliberated in secret! The people who will be directly affected by this bill deserve transparency. Anything less is unacceptable.
Women’s Health Wednesday Yanking federal funding from Planned Parenthood is a particularly mean-spirited thing to do, given that no public funds go toward abortion services under current law, and abortion makes up a tiny percentage of Planned Parenthood’s services. Defunding PP will result in millions of women losing access to needed family planning services and health screenings. The GOP has been using women’s health as a political football for too long! Write a letter to Sen. Portman or to a newspaper to express your concerns about how Trump Care will leave millions of women—especially underserved women in rural and urban areas– without care.
Treatment Thursday Ohio has been devastated by the opioid epidemic. Many have received the treatment they need under the ACA. Now is not the time to yank funding away from addiction treatment and mental health! Use Resistbot to send a message to our local representatives in Washington. Ask them to protect funding for addiction treatment services and mental health! Simply text “RESIST” to 50409 and it will walk you through it! It’s super easy!
Fatal Friday Republicans promised that their replacement plan would keep popular ACA protections for pre-existing conditions in place, but (surprise!) they are reneging on that promise. Under the GOP plan, insurers may be able to charge folks with PEC’s five times more for coverage, adding thousands of dollars in medical costs. Visit Sen. Portman’s office in Columbus to ask him to commit to voting NO on any bill that doesn’t guarantee people with pre-existing conditions won’t see higher premiums. If you can’t visit the office, call all of his district offices.
Social Media Saturday Republicans in the Senate hope that Americans are so distracted by Russia and myriad other crises coming out of the White House daily that we won’t notice them attempting to sneak their terrible health care bill through the Senate. Let them know that we are still here, and we are as fired up as ever! Troll your favorite politician on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) by tagging him/her in a post or Tweet. Remind them that we are still here, and we are watching! If they vote to snatch health care away from millions of Americans, we will remember at the ballot box!
Self-Care Sunday You’ve fought hard all week to protect health care for yourself, your friends, and your neighbors. Time for some rest and relaxation! Do something you love today! You’ve earned it!

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