Nobody Is Above the Law


No One Is Above The Law! Rally For Justice

TODAY, Thursday, November 8th at 5 p.m. at Springfield City Hall, 76 E High St, Springfield, Ohio.

Join Indivisible Springfield as we rally to protest the appointment of Trump loyalist Matt Whitaker as the new head of the Russia investigation. NUMBERS ARE IMPORTANT IN SENDING A STRONG MESSAGE!! So please join us if at all possible!

Mr. Whitaker has been a vocal critic of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and has publicly outlined ways to hamstring the investigation. He is NOT who Americans need to get to the truth of the what happened in the 2016 election. Let the Trump Administration know that we won’t stand for this blatant obstruction of justice!

This is an emergency, folks. We must show Trump that we will not stand for this.

Join our Rapid Response Team

If you would like an action alert with rally details, please give us your cell phone number on the form below. You do not have to include your name, and we will only use your number for the purpose of the rally.

Send us your cell phone number and we’ll text you details of our Springfield rally if Trump fires Robert Mueller.

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